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Civitella Ranieri
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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Civitella Ranieri in Madrid

Dana Prescott, Diego Mencaroni, and Spencer Reece (CRF2016) in a live radio interview at Vaughan Radio talking about poetry and Civitella in Madrid, 14 September 2017.

Talking about 'Feathers from the Angel's Wing' at the Madrid International Institute 

By chance Civitellian Jonah Bokaer (CRF2016) was in Madrid choreographing a piece at the museum CA2M in Mostoles. Dana Prescott, Diego Mencaroni, Maricruz Bilbao (DG2011) and Spencer Reece (CRF2016) joined him for the production.

A reception for about 40 Civitellians was held at the movie bookstore 8 1/2 in Madrid.  Here, Patricio Pron (DG2014) and his wife join us.

Civitellians Daniel Canogar (CRF2015) and Irit Batsry (CRF2012) join the reception at 8 1/2. Irit happened to be in Madrid with her project The Raft, a video installation at the Proyector Festival in Madrid.

A great selfie of Diego Mencaroni, Juan Cruz (DG2015), and Maricruz Bilbao.

Dana Prescott, Spencer Reece, Daniel Canogar, Maricruz Bilbao and Juan Cruz at the 8 1/2 reception in Madrid, 16 September 2017.

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