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Civitella Ranieri
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Saturday, August 13, 2016

An Artistic One Night Stand

Friday evening's Vicini di Casa exhibit at the Civitella Ranieri Castle was a huge success.  The collaboration of the Civitella Ranieri Foundation, the Friends of Civitella, and the Galleria Grefti resulted in a beautiful show that brought over 300 guests to the castle in honor of the local art scene.
What was markedly unique about this exhibit was the way it incorporated the works of both local Italian artists, and many talented members of the expat community living in the area. The orchestrators of the event were impressed with the number of artists who participated, and the community members who came out for the show. 
With around 40 artists consigning their works to the event, guests enjoyed a medley of medias, themes, and inspirations as they strolled the castle grounds.  The show brought many up and coming artists to the forefront, and highlighted how the surrounding area nurtures the creative spirits of many. 
Everything came together yesterday evening to create a very special event. We thank the artists, the guests, and all who worked to make the show a success and a special experience for our community. 

The following is a list of those who exhibited:

Luca Aglietti 
Alberto Alunni
Claudia Andreani
Christy Astuy
Rebecca Bacchetti
William Balthazar Rose 
Paul Bannow 
Libby Barber 
Peter Bartlett 
Mario Bizzarri 
Adriana Bodrero 
Adriano Bottaccioli 
Sarah Bradpiece 
Francesco Candelori 
Luca Cataldo 
Donna Cehrs 
Robert Chiarito 
Lucy Clink 
Jil Cuthberg 
Chiara Giannelli 
Monica Grelli 
Mirco Guardabassi 
Eva Hausegger 
Frances Middendorf 
Giampaolo Monsignori 
Luisa Nunziati 
Massimiliano Poggioni 
Penny Radford 
Ginda Simpson 
James Kingdom Smyth 
Martina Stromberger 
Vera Tamburini 
Michelle Thyne 
Valeria Vestrelli 
Rachel Williams 
Neal Winfield 
Valerie Zanotto 

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