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Monday, July 27, 2015

Group 2 Newsletter

Here is how the Fellows of Group 2 have been occupying their time while at Civitella.

At work...

Jericho Brown (CRF 2015), USA, Writing

Yellow bird.
Yellow house. 
Little yellow

Light in my
Jaundiced mouth.
These yellow
Teeth need

Brushing, but
You admire
My yellow
Smile.  This

Black boy
Keep singing.
Tiny life.
Yellow bile.

Ellen Forney (CRF 2015), USA, Cartoonist

Portrait of Wame Molefhe (CRF 2015), Pencil
Ellen says, ‘’She sat and posed for me, up in the battlement outside my studio, and she was looking out at the sky and the mountains. Also, there's a little knit, a little wrinkle over her eyebrow, which she gets sometimes when she's thinking, and she told me while she was posing that she was thinking about the next story she was going to write.’’

Luciano Chessa (CRF 2015), Italy, Music

Playing the pump organ in the chapel

Tuguldur Yondonjamts (CRF 2015), Mongolia, Visual Artist

Togo says, ‘’I would like to introduce a bit what I was doing during my residency at Civitella. I did several drawings and sketches. I worked on a project which need to start in Mongolia this August/September.
I have had a great time here at Civitella where I had a privilege of enjoying this place and this community. Also, I was happy to get a studio called Barbagianni surrounded by bird nests and bats where I liked to follow my thoughts of bird related projects...’’


Zachary Leader (DG 2015), USA/UK, Writing

Writing the second volume of his biography of Saul Bellow

At play...

Guilherme Neumann (CRF 2015) and Wame Molefhe (CRF 2015) in a nighttime ping pong match
Susan Mastrangelo and Fang Man (CRF 2015) having breakfast outside at Castrabecco

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